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Landscaping & Design

We will  provide you  with a landscape plan ,if you are planning on doing renovations to your yard. At elite Landscaping we work with all forms of plants, trees, cacti’s ,irrigation, rock, decomposed granite etc.


Tree Trimming

Pruning , topping of trees, re-shaping or giving your tree or trees a lift. We will offer and explain the most beneficial choices for your trees and their growth.


Clean ups

Is your yard out of control? Let us clean it up and bring it back to life and regain its full potential.


Landscape Maintenance (weekly or bi-weekly services )
 Mowing, edging, blowing of excess debris such as grass clippings, dirt etc , weed removal, and irrigation check ups to ensure that your property has no broken sprinklers, or leaky valves.



broken sprinkles,replacing valves,spray heads,drippers,pvc line breaks,new water Efficiency systems.We can do it all

Seasonal Color (Flowers)

Along with every season comes different choices of flowers.  An example of flowers that range according to season are pansies, vincas, zignass snapdragons. By hiring Elite Landscaping  we can help you choose the best choice for your home, garden, or business.

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